Our Process

Your success is our goal. Our process helps our clients and candidates through each step of recruitment to find the best fit for each position.

Before You Interview

For our Clients
We spend time with clients on the front end to thoroughly understand:
Your Mission, Culture and Goals
The Position’s Goals
Competitors and Industry
Challenges to Overcome

For our Candidates
We find the tightest fit with Relevant Skills and Experience and much more. We also screen candidates to match with firms with:
Business Acumen & Leadership
Problem Solving Skills
Behavior Style
Personality and Motivators

Job Benchmarking Surveys

During the Hiring Process

Time is Money, so we move fast. Our comprehensive process is both effective and supportive by offering:

Top Candidates in 3 weeks
Meeting Coordination
Interview Guidance
Compensation Advice

After You Hire

Once you have selected the perfect candidate to hire, we assist with:

Employment Offer
Resignation Process
Onboarding Process
Post-Hire Check-ins
Continued Support


Do you need to add a star performer to your team without the process dragging on for months and months? Is an open position costing your company precious time, money, and opportunities? Would you like a dedicated team of recruitment professionals to help you recruit, interview, hire, and onboard the perfect candidate?

Take the first step today towards finding your next star performer by contacting JK Consultants to schedule a FREE consultation!