Visalia, CA Open Positions

#1: General Manager / President

SALARY $200,000 – $250,000 / yr


General Manager/President – Manufacturing Apply Directly Here

Are you an authentic leader ready to energize a company for growth and profitability by bringing your leadership, creativity, expertise, and business acumen and taking the helm of this high-quality company? If you enjoy being entrepreneurial minded and rolling up your sleeves to dig into every aspect including improving operations, developing new business and new markets, financial and leadership, we want to speak to you.

Operations:   Contribute your expertise and willingness to roll up your sleeves to build a high growth organization focused on profitability, efficiency, expansion, and customer satisfaction.

  • Create continuous improvement with best practices, processes, strategies, and performance metrics including Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Establish and achieve operational efficiencies, revenue, profit, growth, production, safety, and other established goals.
  • Continually optimize company offerings, products, services, and equipment.
  • Ensure organized, clean, safe, and efficient work environments and well-maintained equipment and tools.
  • Prompt investigation and professional resolution of all challenges.

Business Development:  Achieve growth and profitability with effective client relationship, new business development and creating opportunities for growth while maximizing relationships with existing clients.

  • Create demand by demonstrating expertise and effective problem solving.
  • Develop and execute strategic and tactical plans for new customers and new markets while ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Ensure highest customer retention and satisfaction through improved relationships, great communication, and prompt resolutions in a professional manner.
  • Research, analyze and stay ahead of the market, customers, industry and competitors with early identification and recommended plans of action for customer needs, trends, new service/product offerings, and challenges.
  • Network and represent the company at professional networking opportunities.

Leadership Hire, train, retain and mentor to form high performing, high morale, result-oriented departments with ownership mentality focused on high quality, safety, productivity, profitability, growth, and customer satisfaction.

  • Mentor each person to maximize their contribution, be a member of a high-performance company, be a thought leader and continuously improve products, services, and the work environment.
  • Build strategic, productive relationships with communication and collaboration with key stakeholders, senior management, and departments leaders.

Financial:  Manage all financial aspects including planning, P&L, budgets, risk analysis, tracking performance and implementing corrective action to increase revenue, growth, and profitability.


  • A minimum of ten (10) years of successful leadership experience in manufacturing or related experience, with proven results and best practices for optimizing every aspect of profitability, efficiency, revenue, growth, business development, customer retention, employee leadership and retention along with technical and practical knowledge.
  • A four-year degree in related field preferred.
  • Proven track record of achieving and exceeding established business goals, growing a profitable business, creating, and executing plans, creating a thriving ownership mentality culture, improving processes, implementing KPI’s, problem solving, decision making and strong financial and business acumen.

#2: Plant Operations Manager

SALARY $110,000 – $150,000 / yr


Plant Operations Manager Apply Directly Here

Are you an experienced leader in a manufacturing environment with industrial chemicals and fertilizers, best practices, the latest technology, and lean manufacturing?  Do you thrive on managing people, materials, and plant operations to deliver products that exceeds customer expectation?

Operations:    Optimize and manage plant operations including equipment, processes, raw materials, production, technology, personnel, quality and inventory for profitability and customer satisfaction.

  • Provide support to sales to timely deliver promised products made to specifications and within budget that meet or exceed customer satisfaction.
  • Implement best practices and constantly improve work environment, personnel, processes, equipment, and technology to maximize efficiency, revenue and profitability and overall quality.
  • Optimize plant operations and workflow including layout, production yields, quality, inventory, safety, and training to ensure all goals are met with efficient, effective, lean manufacturing and OSHA.
  • Create a safe, clean, orderly, and efficient work environment including regular safety meetings and training.

 Financial:  Implement best practices for managing financial aspects including budget, P&L and use of labor, materials, and equipment.

 Leadership:   Lead with a focus on achieving results by managing, training and motivating employees to maximize their contribution, be a member of a high-performance team and to continuously improve the work environment.

  • Demonstrate, communicate, and promote customer service, corporate goals, and a culture the values each person.

Required Education and/or Experience:

  • A minimum of five (5) years of successful track record managing plant operations for industrial chemicals and fertilizers including production, raw materials, technology, quality, safety, inventory, personnel, and customer satisfaction.
  • A track record of managing plant operations that supports sales with optimized workflow, equipment, processes for on-time deliveries that are according to specifications that exceed customer satisfaction.
  • Results oriented with ability to analyze information, pinpoint problems, create solutions and implement improvements.

If this sounds like the right mix of challenge and opportunity for you, and you meet the qualifications, we want to hear from you.

#3: Director of Sales & Marketing – Manufacturing

SALARY: $120,000 – $200,000 / yr


Director of Sales and Marketing Apply Directly Here

Are you a passionate, creative Director of Sales and Marketing who develops new business in new market segments with boundless creativity utilizing all best sales and marketing practices for the industrial chemicals and fertilizers industry?  If so, this dynamic growing company is searching for you to lead Sales and Marketing.

  • Build sales and marketing with your strategic and tactical success in the B2B industrial space to meet or exceed goals and KPI’s by developing new business, relationships, and markets.
  • Be a high-performance sales “hunter” for new business with highly creative, effective marketing that positions and differentiates to maximize customer interest and retention.
  • Create, implement, and optimize the technical aspects of sales including systems, processes, and procedures that enable you to effectively complete the entire sales cycle from prospecting, lead generation, sales funnel, lead nurturing, conversion, customer experience, retention, and referral.
  • Create and execute effective strategic and tactical marketing plans with fresh, creative content, campaigns and messaging utilizing the latest channels, technology, social media, and e-commerce that achieve goals and KPI’s.
  • Understand market trends, customers, and competitors to identify opportunities, create sales and marketing strategies, and achieve results.
  • Collaborate with top management and internal departments for effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Manage financial aspects including forecasting, pricing, budgets, and expenses.
  • Effective use of technology, website, and CRM.
  • Demonstrate, communicate, and promote customer service, best practices, accountability, integrity, ethics, performance, growth, profitability, corporate goals, culture, the value of a workforce and innovative effective work product.

Experience Required:

  • Minimum of 5 years’ successful sales and marketing experience with measurable, aggressive results in developing new business, new channels, effective marketing messages with understanding of the industrial chemical and fertilizer industry.  A four-year degree in marketing or related field is preferred.
  • A proven successful track record of increasing sales, revenue, and customers in all segments through innovative and effective sales and marketing including use of latest technology.