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Our Strategic Partnership With TTI Performance Systems, Ltd Delivers Results

JK Consultants has partnered with TTI Performance Systems, Ltd, the worldwide leader in personal and professional assessment tools.

TTI’s assessments are statistically validated, EEOC compliant, used worldwide, and have helped provide solutions for thousands of companies across the globe to resolve recruiting, retention and developmental challenges.

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Benefits for Your Business

  • Hire the Right Talent
  • Maximize Performance
  • Understand Behavior, Motivators and Natural Skills
  • Improve Retention
  • Improve overall Organizational Performance
  • Improve Communication Skills


TTI’s TRIMETRIX ™ is the premier selection tool in the marketplace today. It measures the behaviors, intrinsic motivators and talents a person brings naturally to the job. This is the only assessment that measures behaviors, motivators and personal talents in one report.

Job Benchmarking

TTI’s Job Benchmarking measures the key attributes, skills and competencies required for a position. Candidates are then compared to the Job Benchmark resulting in a tighter job fit. Job Benchmarking makes it easy for you to track employee feedback, analyze assessment data, monitor progress and make recommendations for organizational improvements. Employees can learn how to evaluate their individual strengths and limitations, effectively find ways to improve productivity, and build sound professional relationships.