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Landscape Maintenance Manager
Location: Long Island, NY
Salary: $110K-$125K/ Year

This company cares deeply about their clients and consistently delivering the highest quality landscape maintenance while ensuring profitability. Do you have a genuine passion for high-end residential landscape maintenance and growing an incredible company?  We are looking for a talented, creative leader ready to dig in and manage every aspect of this unique landscape maintenance.

Operations:  Perform contracts for high-end residential with high quality, profitably, within budget, timely, safely with the highest customer service and high client retention.

  • Optimize, grow and manage all aspects of this unique landscape maintenance with operational efficiencies, best practices, technology and performance metrics that energize and continuously improve people, projects, processes, profitability, safety, quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Implement sustainable, repeatable high-performance processes and procedures.
  • Regular site visits and use of data to immediately identify and correct variance from contract and budget.
  • Work collaboratively with other divisions to capture all landscape maintenance and other opportunities.
  • Ensure organized, clean, safe and efficient work environments and well-maintained equipment, vehicles, tools, and safety gear and effective use of all assets.
  • Create an efficient, collaborative environment of prompt investigation and resolution of all complaints, property damage and emergencies.

Business Development:  Collaborate with sales to ensure consistent accurate and profitable estimates, proposals and contracts and a high close rate.

  • Maximize relationships with existing clients creating demand by demonstrating expertise and effective problem-solving.
  • Early identification of changes in the market, customers, industry and recommend plans of action for customer needs, trends, new business, new service/product offerings, customer retention and challenges.

Financial:  Continuous improvement of all financial aspects of landscape maintenance as well as high transition rate from other divisions to recurring revenue maintenance contracts.

  • Financial acumen for budgets, P&L, cost controls, the scope of work, equipment, materials, labor with explanations for variances and suggested correction action.
  • Implement and monitor KPIs to ensure the financial prosperity for each account.

Leadership:  Manage, train and mentor to form a high-performance, results-oriented team focused on best practices, profitability, safety, high customer satisfaction and timely performance.

  • Share our passion for performance, customer service, growth, revenue and profitability by leading each person to maximize their contribution, be a member of a high-performance team, be a thought leader and continuously improve landscape maintenance operations, projects, collaboration, and the work environment.


  • A minimum of five (5) years of successful experience managing landscape maintenance focused on high-end residential recurring revenue maintenance operations and business development.
  • A minimum of a four-year degree in landscape or related field is preferred.
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