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Are you ready to grow your career in commercial landscape construction as an estimator being an integral part of an incredible team?  Are you passionate about bringing commercial landscape construction to life and having the unique ability to work with designs, customers, and your team on amazing projects?  Call us now to talk about joining this amazing company and make landscape construction dreams come true. Apply directly here.

SALARY $90,000 – $125,000 / yr

Key Responsibilities:

  • Contribute your strategy and expertise to analyze designs, plans, specs, notes, details, client documents, project conditions, value added engineering, risks, scope of work, markups, margins for estimates/bids/proposals.
  • Deliver accurate, complete, timely, and profitable takeoffs, estimates, bid documents and proposals that include subcontract/supplier quotes that have been requested, analyzed, and approved and other relevant information such as wages and costs.
  • Optimize workflow, systems, and processes to improve estimating schedule.
  • Evaluate, increase, and optimize vendor and subcontractor network.
  • Participate in negotiation and management of all contracts including those for confidential projects.
  • Analyze and ensure accurate and profitable cost analysis for project as well as budget estimates and project schedules providing guidance and leadership for solutions and optimization.
  • Collaborate with external relationships, internal top management and departments including ensuring seamless transition to operations.
  • Continue providing your leadership to ensure estimates allow all projects to be run efficiently and consistently completed according to contract, within budget, within time, safely and to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Implement strong technology and documentation skills.
  • Demonstrate a high regard for client satisfaction and retention with prompt resolution of disputes.
  • Demonstrate your ability to promote a positive, collaborative, high-performance corporate culture.

What you Need:

  • A minimum of five (5) years of successful Estimating experience with a track record of producing consistently accurate and profitable estimates, bids, proposals, and schedules that complete projects on time, within budget, safely, profitably and to the satisfaction of the client.
  • Ability to manage high-volume in a fast-paced environment utilizing organization, collaboration, and communication skills.
  • A strong commitment to corporate goals and corporate culture.
  • Proficiency with technology and software.
  • A four-year degree in related field is preferred.

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