Search Firm Tips and Advice
  • Identify and Eliminate Interview Bias

    As an executive recruiter, we are very aware of interview bias. All companies rely upon the job interview to evaluate and predict the performance of a candidate who will ultimately be offered the job. Most interviewers prepare a list of questions and make their hiring decision based upon job related criteria equally applied to each candidate. However, recruitment decisions are made by human beings and are therefore vulnerable to subjectivity, bias and other unintentional influence. When we become aware of how the subjective factors can influence us, we can take steps to counteract or eliminate them and focus on objective...
  • Interviews: If Possible, Record a Practice Session

    Job interviews are stressful for everyone involved. It is obvious that the candidate interviewing for the job will find it stressful but the person conducting the interview will also find it stressful. Here are a few tips from our years of experience as an executive search firm. Interviews are stressful from both sides of the table since everyone wants to make a good first impression and everyone wants to make sure that they make the right decision. Most interviewers are great at performing their jobs but may not have much experience conducting interviews. The candidate and the interviewer begin by...


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