• Today Matters

    Ready to Find Your Next Star Performer? Romans 13:11–14: Paul’s Challenge Can Be Summarized in Three Words: 1. Awaken. He tells us wake up! The night is almost gone. Now is the time to get up and act! Today matters. 2. Abandon. He tells us to lay aside the undisciplined patterns of the flesh, and he even cites examples! 3. Adorn. Finally, he tells us to “put on” Christ. We know He’s inside you; now adorn yourself with Him. Today Mattered to People in the Scriptures Today mattered to Lot (Genesis 19:15, 16). Lot learned the hard way that today...

    Ready to Find Your Next Star Performer? Can you imagine if your company had a reputation for being a great place to work and you had a pipeline of qualified candidates waiting for an opening at your company and you rarely had an opening because your employee retention was 100%? It is always easier for a company to attract and retain top talent when it has a reputation for being a great place to work but did you know that a great onboarding program can increase employee retention?  In today’s labor-tight market, employee retention is more important than ever.  There...
  • Leading Change

    Ready to Find Your Next Star Performer? The Law of Buy-In: Leading Change Exodus 24:1–7 It was a watershed day for everyone—a whole new life had begun! The Israelites got off to a fresh start when they affirmed the covenant God had offered them. To make it work, however, they discovered they would have to change their lifestyles and shift their paradigms—and that would take shrewd leadership. Sometimes (as in the desert) the majority even wanted to return to Egypt! Peter Drucker helps us to learn from Moses about how to lead people into change, even in the wilderness: Lessons...
  • Vacancy Cost Analysis – How much is that opening costing you?

    cost of vacancy in agriculture business Finding and retaining the best talent for your key positions can be a daunting task. Are you spending time sifting through candidates who either don’t fit the bill, or who don’t have the experience you are seeking? Instead of wasting your time, you can align with an experienced specialized recruiting firm who knows how to find great candidates and, most importantly, the top performing candidates in your industry.
  • Learn How To Reduce Turnover Risk

    reducing turnover risk A workplace that makes each employee feel they are a part of something larger and that their work is important for that larger purpose can attract high performers and create significant retention.
  • Calculating the Cost of a Vacant Position

    By Dr. John Sullivan If an airline bought a new 747, and then let it sit for two months on the runway because they didn’t have a pilot, what would the cost be to the airline?  In other words what is the cost of a vacant position? Many firms calculate the cost of a hire, and some go so far as to calculate the cost of a badhire, but few have taken the time to calculate the cost of a vacant position.  These costs can be significant: anywhere from $7,000 dollars per day to $50,000 per day for an engineering position. Key leadership positions...
  • The Baby Boomer Retirement

    The baby boom began in 1946 and continued through 1964. The number of births during this period, 76 million, has had a major impact on many aspects of our economy over the last 50 years. It also has largely determined the size and age composition of the labor force for the past 30 years. In 1978, when baby-boomers were aged 15 to 32, they made up approximately 45 percent of the labor force. Now, in large part reflecting the aging of the baby-boomers, the percentage of workers aged 45 and older will increase from 33 percent of the labor force...


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